Die Shop

We maintain a full service Die Shop to provide new stamping products, tool repair and sharpening of tooling.

We also perform operation machining on stamped and water jet produced parts. We also provide Wire EDM service.

Waterjet Cutting

We use abrasive water jet cutting for prototype and short production runs.  Our reputation is for high quality work and tight tolerances.

From large projects such as amusement parks like Disneyland and Universal Studios to smaller sized projects such as custom car parts, custom home products and antique airplane parts – We Can Do Most Projects – Just Ask!

Metal Stamping

The main portion of our business is metal stamping. Power presses range from 35 to 120 tons. Our specialty is class “A” progressive dies, but we run many compound dies and single operation dies as well.

The bulk of our metal stampings are semi-automated running, utilizing servo and air feeders to process coiled material. The speed of our press ranges up to 200 strokes per minute.

We are efficient in running parts in quantities from a few hundred to a million parts per set-up.

Architectural Designs

Hand Crafted Door



Stainless Steel

Carbon Steel

Almost any thickness can be cut using our water jet.


Crafted Butterfly Profile
Crafted Butterfly Facing

Small intricate shapes with precise details or large parts can be custom fabricated.


Crafting a web
Man at Water Jet
Hands holding Mfg Part 1

Progressive Tooling

A well designed and built progressive die will provide years of efficient service producing quality stamped parts.

Progressive Tooling Hand

Our expertise extends to assisting customers with the initial design concept and prototyping.

Production Runs

Production Runs Hands

We can product parts in quantities from one to millions. 

Our presses produce precision, high volume sheet metal stampings with presses up to 120 tons with press speeds up to 200 strokes per minute.

Stamping capabilities include: progressive, compound, blanking, draw, clinching and assembly.

Using our water jet allows us the capability of producing short runs and prototypes without tooling.

Deburring, heat treatment and plating services are also available.

Automotive Restoration

Our precision equipment gives us the ability to produce parts for custom show cars and restorations.

We can produce parts from CAD files, old engineering drawings, cardboard templates – or even your own ideas!

Automotive Restore Car

Aircraft Restoration

Aircraft Banner
Aircraft Parts

For many years we proudly have produced classic aircraft restoration parts utilizing our water jet.

We can produce parts from CAD files, old engineering drawings or cardboard templates. 

Talk to Us!

Prototype Fabrication

We pride ourselves on full circle customer service. We want to be with you from project beginning to end. 

Without a Prototype, you’ll never know if your idea or design will really work.  Let our many years of experience with Prototype development help you find the best and most cost effective solution that works for you!


Prototype Part